Talend Component Development

This course is designed for Java developers focused on developing Talend components customized to extend the functionality of Talend data integration solutions. You learn more about the development framework used for creating, reusing, testing, and debugging the functions of the components, as well as the addition of components in Studio.

Duration 2 days (14 hours)
Target audience Anyone who wants to create custom Java components for use in Talend Studio
Prerequisites Completion of Talend Data Integration Basics or Talend Data Integration Advanced, experience in Java application development
Course objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the behavior of Talend components in detail
  • Understand the files constituting a component
  • Create your first component
  • Create a functionally advanced component
  • Integrate a custom API within your components
  • Familiarize yourself with dynamic schemas
Course agenda

Internal component behavior

  • Setting up a workspace
  • Investigating sample code
  • Investigating a component
  • Studying code for a normal flow
  • Studying code for a flow containing an iteration
  • Studying code for a flow containing a merge

Organizing a component

  • Finding a folder
  • Investigating files

Designing a component

  • Activating a design environment
  • Importing a sample component
  • Creating a new component
  • Deploying a new component
  • Deploying a copy

Understanding component files

  • Investigating an XML file
  • Investigating a properties file
  • Investigating a JAVAJET file

Creating a simple component

  • Adding properties
  • Adding labels to properties
  • Accessing properties in code
  • Testing a component

Creating an advanced component

  • Copying a component
  • Connecting to triggers
  • Static table
  • Multiple outputs
  • Global variables
  • Passing data to a component output
  • Creating a test Job

Transforming a data flow

  • Creating a component
  • Creating a flow of erroneous data
  • Creating a filter parameter
  • Changing a main
  • Creating a test Job

Including a custom API

  • Creating a component
  • Defining a component
  • Including a JAR
  • Adding a property label
  • Adding a component code
  • Creating a test Job

Introducing dynamic schemas

  • Creating a Job
  • Setting up a connection to the repository
  • Adding a database connection
  • Creating a table
  • Loading data
  • Making updates
  • Using the runtime

Creating and deploying a custom dynamic schema component

  • Creating a component
  • Adding a component to a list
  • Changing start-up code
  • Changing a main part
  • Changing end code
  • Updating an XML file
  • Updating properties
  • Deploying a component
  • Creating a test Job