Master Data Management (MDM) Enterprise

Talend Master Data Management (MDM) Enterprise provides a comprehensive set of functions for enterprise-scale master data management. It delivers easy to deploy, rapid end-to-end functionality for integration, quality, mastering and collaborating on enterprise data.

This course begins with the material from the MDM Overview course, and extends it with topics related to working in environments where a high amount of collaboration is required.

Duration 3 days (approximately 21 hours)
Target Audience Anyone who wants to use Talend Enterprise MDM to use master records to govern enterprise-level data quality
Prerequisites DI Basics or DI Enterprise
Course Objectives
After completing this class, you will be able to:
  • Identify duplicate records and survive or construct a master set of data
  • Implement advanced data quality rules for master data
  • Define, create, and manage role-based access controls for master data and all MDM artifacts
  • Implement a collaborative MDM process or workflow
Course Agenda
  • Advanced Business Rules
  • Role-Based Security
  • Defining Workflow Processes
  • Repository Versioning
  • Working with History