YARN in Hadoop

YARN in Hadoop speeds big data processing.

The recent introduction of YARN in Hadoop provides organizations that are managing big data with even greater processing speed and scalability. An acronym for Yet Another Resource Negotiator, YARN in Hadoop solves a bottleneck in the first version of Hadoop MapReduce and reduces the strict dependency of Hadoop environments on MapReduce.

As the field of big data continues to mature and organizations continue to explore how they can benefit from it, having developers who can expertly work with YARN in Hadoop will be critical to success. But this presents a major challenge to working with big data, as very few of these developers exist. There aren't many developers who have deep experience in big data – let alone even newer technologies like YARN in Hadoop. That means organizations that want to use big data for competitive advantage will need to invest heavily in training and new developers -- or find solutions that let them work with YARN in Hadoop with the team they already have.

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Talend makes YARN in Hadoop simple.

Talend delivers software that lets organizations benefit from YARN in Hadoop and other big data technologies, without needing to acquire experts in these frameworks. Easy-to-use tools let developers quickly integrate big data sources and manipulate big data sets using their existing skills.

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Talend runs 100% natively on Hadoop and provides big data components for YARN MapReduce 2.0, Hive, HCatalog, HBase, Sqoop, Oozie and Pig for Hadoop. And Talend big data capabilities integrate with market leaders like Cloudera, Hortonworks, Google, EMC/Greenplum, MapR, Netezza, Teradata and Vertica, enabling organizations to get maximum value from their investments in big data.

Talend lets developers do more with YARN in Hadoop.

With Talend and YARN for big data, developers can:

  • Connect to any data source. Talend's big data platform includes more than 800 connectors that let developers quickly pull data from any source - including NoSQL databases. They can visually map sources to targets in an easy-to-use graphical environment, without needing to learn new skills or write complicated code.
  • Transform data with ease. Developers can easily perform data transformations and quickly produce complex analytics without needing to learn new skills in YARN or MapReduce programming.
  • Scale more easily. Talend lets organizations exploit the massive scalability of YARN in Hadoop by automatically generating the underlying code for data connectors as each new Hadoop cluster is deployed.

Learn more about Talend’s big data solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Big Data today and start benefiting from the leading open source big data tool.

| Last Updated: March 5th, 2018