Talend Makes MDM Accessible for Any Organization

Master data management, through which an organization builds and manages a single, consistent, accurate view of key enterprise data, has demonstrated substantial business value including improvements to operational efficiency, marketing effectiveness, strategic planning, and regulatory compliance. To date, however, MDM has been the privilege of a relatively small number of large, resource-rich organizations. Thwarted by the prohibitive costs of proprietary MDM software and the great difficulty of building and maintaining an in-house MDM solution, most organizations have had to forego MDM despite its clear value.

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Talend, the open source integration company, now levels the playing field with the first open source solution to deliver integrated support for all facets of master data management.

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Start Your MDM Project Today with Talend's Open Source MDM Solution

With Talend Open Studio for MDM, you can download a fully-functional MDM solution today and use it for free, for as long as you want. Available under a GPL open source license, Talend Open Studio for MDM delivers the key data integration, data quality, and data governance functionality that you need to get started with MDM in your company:

  • An XML-based active data model that enables you to model and master any data domain without being restricted to pre-defined structures.
  • The most built-in data connectors of any integration solution on the market – more than 400 in total, enabling you to easily bridge your master data hub to nearly any type of data source or consuming application.
  • Data profiling tools that help you gauge current data quality levels through statistical analysis and comparison to defined metrics or objectives.
  • High-performance ETL tools that facilitate master hub loading in batch or in real time. Integrated ETL testing functionality enables you to carefully check your design and processes before deploying.
  • A data stewardship interface that lets you search, author, and modify hub data; to create hierarchical views of master data; and to review hub event histories.

Seamless Expansion to Enterprise Class MDM

For the largest, most mission-critical MDM projects, the subscription-based Talend Enterprise MDM extends Talend Open Studio for MDM with:

  • Advanced data integration capabilities including change data capture, JBoss rules integration, and an SOA manager that facilitates exposing master data operations as web services.
  • Sophisticated data cleaning tools that support confidence-weighted identification of duplicate records and routing to automated or manual data survivorship processes.
  • Enterprise collaboration mechanisms including LDAP, Active Directory, and SSO integration; role-based access privileges; and workflow automation tools to help design and implement multi-role governance processes for master data management.
  • Expert technical support from veteran Talend support staff.

Learn more about Talend’s Master Data Management solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for MDM today and start benefiting from the leading open source Master Data Management tool.

| Last Updated: March 5th, 2018