Master Data Management

Master Data Management, Made Accessible by Talend

Most businesses have by now heard about master data management as a means to improve the quality and utilization of key enterprise data. The benefits reported by organizations employing master data management (MDM) processes include more effective marketing and sales programs, reduced operational costs, more far-sighted business intelligence, and enhanced compliance with corporate policies and regulatory requirements.

To date, however, the demonstrated benefits of master data management have remained out of the reach of most organizations. Proprietary MDM solutions are enormously expensive at a time when most businesses are tightly managing their IT budgets. In-house solutions for master data management, meanwhile, are tremendously complex and difficult to build and maintain.

Talend, the leading provider of open source integration software, has now democratized master data management by developing the first complete open source MDM solution.

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Open Source Master Data Management, Ready to Use Today

Talend Open Studio for MDM is a fully-functional, feature-rich master data management solution that you can download and use for free for as long as you want, under an Apache open source license. Powerful and easy to use, Talend Open Studio for MDM features include:

  • An intuitive Eclipse-based graphical development environment that makes it easy to build your data model, define data integration jobs, and manage data stewardship workflows.
  • More than 900 components and built-in data connectors to quickly establish flows and transformations between almost any type of database, file format, packaged application, or legacy system.
  • A flexible data model that enables users to model and master not only customer and product data domains, but also less typical domains such as employees, assets, and reference data.
  • Robust ETL tools to support all aspects of ETL testing and implementation.

Seamless Scalability to Enterprise Class

For enterprise class master data management, Talend offers the subscription-based Talend MDM Platform. At a fraction of the cost of proprietary MDM solutions, Talend MDM Platform delivers all the robust functionality of Talend Open Studio for MDM, plus:

  • Advanced data integration functionality such as change data capture and integration with business rules engines.
  • Advanced data quality facilities including data profiling, cleansing, and masking. Match and merge components help to identify potential duplicate records and channel them to automated or manual data survivorship routines.
  • Collaborative data stewardship and data governance mechanisms that allow the design and implementation of enterprise-wide workflows for creating and maintaining high quality master data.
  • Robust data services capabilities to build reusable components and workflows.
  • High caliber technical support from Talend, delivered by integration specialists who work closely with the Talend research and development team.

Learn more about Talend’s Master Data Management solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for MDM today and start benefiting from the leading open source Master Data Management tool.

| Last Updated: February 12th, 2018