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With Talend, You've Found the Best ETL Download

For IT shops that need to perform extract transform load (ETL) operations on a regular or semi-regular basis, hand-coded scripts and tools developed in house are not an efficient or scalable solution. For organizations looking to quickly obtain a packaged ETL application, Talend offers the best ETL download available. With an ETL download from Talend, you get an easy to use, versatile ETL solution and all of the benefits that come with using a mature, widely adopted open source technology.

The Easy to Use and Versatile ETL Download

Talend's freely available ETL download, Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, makes it easy to manage all facets of the ETL process, from initial ETL design on through ETL data load execution. Based on the familiar Eclipse graphical development environment, Talend Open Studio for Data Integration lets you set up an ETL mapping between a data source and a data destination by simply dragging connection and transformation components from a palette on to a central workspace and configuring the components as needed. A metadata repository makes it easy to reuse and repurpose your work, so your efficiency and productivity increase even more over time.

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With an ETL download from Talend, you also get a solution that's versatile enough to use in any IT architecture. Talend Open Studio for Data Integration features more than 900 components and built-in data connectors, allowing you to move data between nearly any major file format, packaged enterprise application, and database. Regardless of the source type, destination type, or required transformations, Talend makes it simple to design and execute the ETL process.

Why Choose an Open Source ETL Download?

When you choose Talend for your ETL download from Talend, you reap all the benefits of a mature open source technology:

  • Affordability. Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is free ETL – fully functional and yours to use for as long as you want, under an Apache open source license.
  • Reliability. Talend's data integration technologies are proven in the field, having been downloaded millions of times and employed by hundreds of thousands of users in a wide range of production environments. When you choose an ETL download from Talend, you're in good company.
  • Rapid, responsive innovation. Like the best open source projects, Talend open source solutions continually evolve and improve in response to user needs and input.
  • Community knowledge. The community around Talend products is a great source of insights and expertise. Talend users are also active in sharing custom product extensions through Talend Exchange, a community platform that you can access through the Talend Open Studio interface.

Learn more about Talend’s data integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration today and start benefiting from the leading open source data integration tool.

| Last Updated: March 5th, 2018