Data Quality Management

Powerful, Affordable Data Quality Management from Talend

Without a strong foundation of data quality management, data-intensive enterprise systems such as customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) will inevitably under-achieve. The decisions and actions that come out of such systems can be no better than the quality of the data that drives them. Still, very many organizations have yet to implement comprehensive data quality management programs, put off by the enormous effort required to build custom data quality solutions in house and by the enormous cost of purchasing pre-packaged applications from one of the few vendors that dominate the proprietary data management software market. In this context, only the companies with the largest budgets gain the competitive advantages of comprehensive data quality management.

Talend, the leading provider of open source data integration and application integration software, democratizes the data quality management market with powerful, affordable solutions accessible to any organization.


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Start Profiling Your Data Today with Talend Open Studio for Data Quality

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality is a sophisticated data profiling tool that you can download today and use for free, for as long as you want. This easy-to-use, feature-rich data profiler gives you a broad and deep view of your current data stock, helping you to identify areas where your data is incomplete or duplicated or out of conformance with standards. With an intuitive Eclipse-based interface, Talend Open Studio for Data Quality includes more than 400 built-in data connectors and supports a wide range of data quality tests and statistics.

Use Talend Enterprise Data Quality for Enterprise Data Quality Management

For comprehensive, enterprise-grade data quality management, the subscription-based Talend Enterprise Data Quality solution delivers all the functionality, performance, and scalability that you need, at a fraction of the cost of propriety software:

  • Data profiling. Talend Enterprise Data Quality includes all the robust data profiling functionality of Talend Open Studio for Data Quality, and projects that you start on Talend Open Studio for Data Quality can be seamlessly transitioned to Talend Enterprise Data Quality.
  • Data cleansing and enrichment. Through Talend Enterprise Data Quality's integrated development environment, you can easily build data cleaning processes that normalize data against specified standards, as well as data enrichment processes that supplement existing data with relevant complementary data drawn from internal or external sources.
  • Data de-duplication and stewardship. Talend Enterprise Data Quality supports a variety of data matching algorithms to help you identify potential duplications, along with automated and manual de-duplication processes.
  • Data migration. With Talend Enterprise Data Quality, data quality management tools are closely integrated with powerful data migration and data conversion tools, all in one unified interface.
  • Predictable low cost. The Talend subscription pricing model, based primarily on the number of developer seats, makes for stable low costs and avoids the "data tax" associated with proprietary data management solutions.

With Talend Enterprise Data Quality, you also get first-rate technical support, as well as access to professional services and consulting.

Learn more about Talend’s data quality solutions or download Talend Open Studio for Data Quality today and start benefiting from the leading open source data quality tool.

| Last Updated: February 20th, 2019