Data Quality Analysis

Data Quality Analysis Made Free and Easy

With data pouring into your organization faster than ever before, it's hard to keep a handle on exactly what data you've got and what kind of shape it's in. Clearly the situation calls for regular data quality analysis, but many organizations are understandably held back by the difficulty of building in-house solutions and the high cost of packaged data quality software from the few market-dominating commercial vendors.

Talend, the leading provider of open source data service solutions, puts sophisticated data quality analysis into easy reach of any organization. Talend's open source data quality analysis solution is:

  • Free to download and use under a GPL open source license.
  • Easy to learn and to apply to nearly any data quality analysis task.

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Powerful Data Quality Analysis in a Free, Open Source Solution

With Talend Open Studio for Data Quality you can quickly and easily design and execute data quality analysis jobs. With its Eclipse-based graphical development console chock-full of drag 'n drop data quality tools. Talend Open Studio for Data Quality delivers robust data quality analysis functionality including:

  • Comprehensive data connectivity. Talend provides more built-in data connectors than any other data quality application, making it easy to connect to and read from any file format, database, or packaged enterprise application.
  • Statistical profiling. Quickly generate statistics on blank fields, null values, duplicates, unique values, the most and least frequent values, and much more.
  • Textual analysis. Develop profiles of text fields including minimum, maximum, and average length.
  • Numeric analysis. Analyze numeric fields to determine means, ranges, quartile distributions, and so on.
  • Pattern-based analysis. Assess data for conformance with standardized patterns like email address syntax, credit card number formats, and postal codes; or customized patterns for your specific needs, like SKU or serial number formats.

From Data Quality Analysis to Data Quality Management

For organizations that want to go beyond data quality analysis to total data quality management and governance, Talend also offers the subscription-based Talend Enterprise Data Quality. This enterprise-grade data quality management platform costs far less than competing commercial solutions and enables you to build data quality services that standardize, de-duplicate, and enrich your existing data stocks as well as real-time data services that monitor and maintain the quality of new data as it flows into your organization.

Learn more about Talend’s data quality solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Quality today and start benefiting from the leading open source data quality tool.

| Last Updated: September 27th, 2018