Data Integration

Vendor-Backed Open Source is The Best Data Integration Solution

Data integration is an urgent challenge for today's businesses, driven by sharp growth in the volume and diversity of data generated by daily operations and by the need to make the best possible use of that data to advance the prospects of the business.

In the past, IT departments tasked with responding to pressing technological challenges such as data integration had to choose between building custom scripts in-house or purchasing proprietary software, often at great expense – initial and ongoing. Now, forward-looking IT groups are increasingly turning to open source solutions for their companies' needs.

Open source solutions are typically far more cost-effective than either ad hoc custom scripts or proprietary software; allow for rapid adoption and ramp-up; are updated and improved more frequently than proprietary products; and are surrounded by active user communities that are a rich source of practical advice and application extensions.

For a complex, mission-critical application like data integration software, a particularly promising solution model is open source backed by an established commercial vendor. With vendor-backed open source middleware, you get all the usual open source benefits, as well as the benefits of a dedicated R&D; organization, professional documentation and training materials, and availability of technical support, consulting, and value-added product features.

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is the Leading Open Source Data Integration Platform

Talend is the world's leading provider of open source data integration and application integration solutions. Our solutions deliver a compelling set of benefits to data-intensive organizations large or small:

  • Powerful, easy-to-use features. Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, which you can download and use at no cost, provides all the functionality you need to design and execute a wide range of data integration processes such as data migration (including both ETL and ELT) and data synchronization. With an Eclipse-based graphical development environment, more than 900 components and built-in data connectors, a unified metadata repository, automated generation of Java code, and robust ETL testing functionality, subscription-based Talend Data Integration supplements Talend Open Studio for Data Integration with functionality specifically designed for enterprise-scale projects, such as team collaboration tools, industrial-scale deployment, and real-time load balancing.
  • Proven performance. Launched in 2006, Talend Open Studio for Data Integration has rapidly gained market share, with millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of users. Subscribers to the enterprise version of Talend's data integration platform number in the thousands and include some of the largest corporations in the world.
  • Big cost savings. Talend's open source solutions deliver substantial cost savings compared to either labor-intensive custom development or proprietary software. The savings associated with the no-charge Talend Open Studio for Data Integration are obvious, but even with subscription-based Talend Data Integration, costs are markedly lower than with proprietary technologies.
  • Active community. The community around Talend's data integration and application integration solutions is extremely active. Several community applications are available for sharing questions, advice, and code.
  • Backing by Talend. Talend applies a major and ongoing R&D; effort to the maintenance and improvement of its open source products. The vendor provides professional quality user documentation and training materials, and for those who want it, first-rate technical support and professional services.

Start Your Data Integration Project Today

Learn more about Talend’s data integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration today and start benefiting from the leading open source data integration tool.

| Last Updated: February 12th, 2018