Data Governance

Powerful, Affordable Data Governance with Talend Data Quality

Through data governance, organizations establish formal processes and responsibilities for ensuring the quality and security of internal data. Data governance initiatives seek to build a strong foundation for business intelligence and also to maintain compliance with data-oriented regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Basel I and Basel II.

As such, a rigorous data governance program can be a pillar of strategic planning and sound risk management. Because of its demanding technological requirements, however, data governance has to date been the privileged domain of very large organizations with the resources to afford costly proprietary software platforms.

Talend, the leading provider of open source integration software, democratizes data governance with a low-cost, feature-rich open source data governance platform that enables any organization to assess, improve, and closely manage its internal data.

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Proven Technology for Data Governance

Talend's open source solutions have revolutionized the enterprise integration market, winning acclaim from industry analysts and wide adoption by businesses and public agencies attracted to the combination of robust functionality, low cost, and ease-of-use. Millions of users have downloaded Talend's open source database conversion and data warehouse tools, as well as Talend's application integration tool suite. Talend's solutions for data integration, data quality, and enterprise infrastructure are currently deployed in demanding production environments in organizations worldwide.

Talend Enterprise Data Quality is Talend's integrated solution for all the technical challenges of data governance: data discovery, profiling, and benchmarking; data validation, cleansing and enrichment; data migration and integration; and data monitoring and stewardship. Talend Enterprise Data Quality drives your data governance processes with powerful features like:

  • An easy-to-use, unified data management platform. Through a single, Eclipse-based graphical development environment, business users and developers can manage all facets of data governance, from modeling and design, to development and testing, to deployment and ongoing maintenance. As your governance program matures, the platform also supports seamless migration to Talend Enterprise MDM, Talend's comprehensive solution for master data management.
  • More than 400 built-in data connectors that make it easy to incorporate nearly any type of data source into your governance processes.
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and reporting, including web-based reporting that facilitates the enterprise-wide communication that's essential to an effective data governance program.
  • Data quality issue identification and mitigation. With Talend Enterprise Data Quality, you can not only identify weaknesses and areas of concern within your enterprise data, but also elevate the quality of that data through normalization, standardization, de-duplication, and reference-based enrichment processes available through the same unified console.

Talend Enterprise Data Quality is available on a subscription basis that costs only a fraction of what comparable proprietary solutions cost, and is backed by top-notch technical support from Talend Enterprise Data Quality experts.

Learn more about Talend’s data quality solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for Data Quality today and start benefiting from the leading open source data quality tool.

| Last Updated: April 23rd, 2018