Introduction to Talend Data Stewardship Application

Data quality and stewardship are well-known pain points in most data-driven activities, but in most cases, there’s nothing like a central service in the background to solve the problem. Let’s take a step back. Everyone in business is now transforming into a data worker, whether as a consumer, producer, owner or regulator. And all these people need power over the data, quality-proof data. That is the promise of self-service.

But we agree there is no self-service without proper governance, and the best way to manage governance is to engage the data workers as data citizens, as they are the ones that know the data best. Not only then can use it, but they can add value on it, by enriching it, cleansing it, certifying it, etc.

Our vision at Talend is to equip those data citizens with a suite of tools.

| Last Updated: December 12th, 2018