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Debunking Data Quality Myths

This white paper shows you how to spot bad data and debunks the 6 most common data quality myths. As the total volume of data around the world continues to increase, so will the volume of bad data. Poor data quality costs companies an average of $15 million per year (and rising), according to Gartner.* In the past, achieving better data quality was perceived as too lengthy and complicated. However, improvements to data quality tools and procedures have made solving the

Entrance Power Guide to Talend ESB – Part 3

An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has become increasingly popular in many organizations as they seek an alternative to costly, brittle point-to-point integration solutions. Many organizations have to integrate numerous applications; an infrastructure based on a tangled web of hand-coded con READ RESOURCE

Entrance Power Guide to Talend ESB – Part 2

Time to enable XML mapping and join our data with string manipulation. Enterprises generally work with hundreds of applications, and many of them must be integrated with one another. Enterprise application integration can often be a challenge for many companies; connecting applications through point-to-point integration is time consuming and costly, so many organizations turn to an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to make integration faster and easier. [resource-download resource_ READ RESOURCE

Entrance Power Guide to Talend ESB – Part 1

Integrate a CRM system and implement error handling and load balancing with Talend ESB. The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has changed the face of enterprise application integration (EAI). Today, enterprises can address any EAI need using an ESB that acts as middleware for everything on the network. The ESB is a shared central infrastructure READ RESOURCE

How an ESB Simplifies Application Integration

Historically, enterprise application integration (EAI) has been difficult because of the challenges associated with point-to-point integration (P2P). Enterprise application integration is the process of connecting every system and application across an enterprise architecture so they can work together. A commonly used application integration method, point-to-point integration (P2P), is incredibly rig READ RESOURCE

ESB vs P2P: Why It's Finally Time to Ditch P2P

There's a lot of pain associated with application integration done with point-to-point coding (P2P). As Salesforce technologist Chris Tiernan notes, "Quick P2P integrations can become a large headache." An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) can eliminate a lot of that pain. Compared to P2P, the ESB offers a faster and more agile way to connect applications. It’s therefore eas READ RESOURCE

The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Fabric, Q2 2018

Forrester has done the research on big data fabric platforms and the results are in. Talend is a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Big Data Fabric, Q2 2018. According to Forrester, a big data fabric platform “offers EA [enterprise architect] pros the ability to orchestrate data flow and curate data across various big data platforms

Put More Data to Work: Talend Spring '18 (APAC)

What keeps you from going big when it comes to big data? Either your people can’t get to the data fast enough or your budget won’t cover the explosive cost to store and process it. Talend Spring ‘18 gives you the speed and efficiency you need to put more data to work right now. Please watch to see Spring ’18 in action: Introducing Talend Data Streams, the easiest way to ingest real-time data in the cloud Boost performance by 50% at 1/3 the WATCH VIDEO

What is Data Governance (and Why Do You Need It)?

Data governance is a requirement in today's fast-moving and highly competitive enterprise environment. Now that organizations have the opportunity to capture massive amounts of diverse internal and external data, they need a discipline to maximize their value, manage risks, and reduce cost. What is Data Governance? Data governance is a collection of processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information in enabli READ RESOURCE

What is Streaming Data?

The growing demands for faster analytics and customer insights bring tremendous interest in streaming data technologies. Streaming data has become a part of our everyday lives whether you realize it or not. Data can be gathered in real-time from online gaming, eCommerce and social media activity, GPS, and sensors. All of these new types of data have created an environment that necessitates deriving accurate ins READ RESOURCE
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