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A 16 Step Data Governance Plan for GDPR Compliance

Whether personal data comes from an online form, a business partner, an internal CRM or HR system, or your data lake, if it concerns an EU resident, it falls under GDPR. This white paper by data governance expert Sunil Soares provides a practical approach for compliance.

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Data Lakes: Purposes, Practices, Patterns, and Platforms

TDWI surveyed top data management professionals to discover 12 priorities for a successful data lake implementation. With the right tools, a data lake enables self-service data access and extends programs for data warehousing, analytics, data integration, and more data-driven solutions.

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Hadoop and Data Lakes

How widespread is usage of Hadoop and data lakes? What use cases are having the most impact? What’s holding big data back? Download the new research study from BARC to help plan your big data proof-of-concept or strategic initiative.

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Self-Service Analytics

Organizations today are supercharged by data, but most only analyze a fraction of what they collect. Find out how self-service analytics is building a data-driven culture across a range of companies. 

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Democratizing the ESB

Who ever said that ESB (or Application Integration) was only made for large companies? Learn about the benefits of an open, easy to use ESB that adapts to all companies, no matter their size or needs.

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