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What is Data Science?

Many enterprises are turning to data science, an emerging, highly specialized practice that exposes all the valuable insight that’s hiding in the growing mountains of data.

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Managing Data Privacy with Data Masking and Talend Data Quality

Within this video you will see how to mask data using Talend Products, giving you the ability to selectively share production quality data across your organization for development, analysis and more, without exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to people who aren't authorized to see it.

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Enabling Data Governance

In this video Euronext and Uniper explain how they catalog, secure and retrieve data, enabling their business users to make decisions based on trusted data and well-managed information assets.

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What is a Microservice?

A microservice is used to achieve a high degree of agility and scale for software development. Learn more about microservices and its best practices.

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What is REST API?

REST has emerged as the most versatile and useful web service API. Its simplicity, flexibility, and compatibility make it ideal for working with various types of data and interfacing with the most well-known applications available. In this article, we’ll define REST (or RESTful) API and take a look at how it compares to its predecessor, SOAP. In addition, we’ll explore how REST APIs work and why the trend towards cloud integration makes REST APIs so essential for businesses today.

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What is Apache Hive?

While you need Hadoop for reliable, scalable, distributed computing, the learning curve for extracting data is just too steep to be time effective and cost efficient. Your answer? Apache Hive.

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