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How Big Data is Changing Healthcare

Big data in healthcare refers to the extremely large sets of healthcare data amassed from a wide variety of sources. When siloed data sets from various sources, different environments, and different formats are integrated and analyzed, this has a profound effect on the healthcare industry.

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Guide to Machine Learning

This guide will define what machine learning means for commercial use by explaining how to identify the common problems associated with data, how to prepare for a successful machine learning strategy and how exploring machine learning best practices will improve the way your data is processed.

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What is Data Analytics?

Data analysis helps organizations cut costs, increase revenue, and stay competitive by identifying opportunities and critical insights hidden in their data.

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Build a Solid Data Strategy: What You Need To Know

Data drives every aspect, powers decision-making across an enterprise, and can be your most valuable asset. A data strategy is a high-level business-focused plan for all enterprise data, that serves as the foundation of a larger data management strategy.

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What is a Data Pipeline?

The four critical actions that happen within data pipelines are the means to achieving data integration. It begins with raw data to ultimately produce actionable information and insights.

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Managing Data Privacy with Data Masking and Talend Data Quality

Within this video you will see how to mask data using Talend Products, giving you the ability to selectively share production quality data across your organization for development, analysis and more, without exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to people who aren't authorized to see it.

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Enabling Data Governance

In this video Euronext and Uniper explain how they catalog, secure and retrieve data, enabling their business users to make decisions based on trusted data and well-managed information assets.

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