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Cloud Data Lakes

Download the TDWI Insight Accelerator report to learn more about the technical requirements, benefits, emerging trends, and recommendations for deploying a data lake on a cloud platform.

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Data Integration Success Stories

This eBook provides examples of four companies in industries like health care, and high tech, and provides information on how they used data integration, cloud computing, and real-time data processing to gain insights and improve business operations.

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Best Practices Report: Multiplatform Data Architectures

This Multiplatform Data Architectures report explains in detail what MDAs are and do, with a focus on helping data professionals and their business counterparts worldwide architect, govern, and grow their MDAs for better business outcomes via well-integrated and unified distributed data from many sources.

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A Field Guide to Web APIs

What are Web APIs? How can companies design them and use them to extract maximum value out of their data? Download this Field Guide to Web APIs, written by Kin Lane, the API Evangelist.

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