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What is Data Obfuscation?

Data obfuscation is a process to obscure the meaning of data. The most common method of data obfuscation is data masking. Encryption and tokenization are other methods.

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How to Test a REST API?

With API Tester, you can visually create very complex scenario-based API tests following Test Driven Development (TDD) and even Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) principles.

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How to Document a REST API?

The Talend API-First platform is composed of various modules covering API design, documentation, testing, automation, and data driven API deployment.

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How to Build Microservices with REST APIs?

Microservices architecture scalability is great for enabling support for a wide range of platforms and devices as web, mobile and IoT backend can be deployed, fixed, and updated independently of each other.

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What are REST APIs?

Now that we introduced the disruptive nature of REST, we hope you better understand how REST asks you to rethink software development in the web age.

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What is Data as a Service?

Data-as-a-Service is a data management strategy that uses the cloud to deliver data storage, processing and/or analytics services via a network connection.

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