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3 Steps to Turning CCPA & Data Privacy into Personalized Customer Experiences

Data Privacy is not only an opportunity to defend your company but also an initiative to improve your customer experience while positively impacting revenue. Are you really complying with CCPA, GDPR and other regulations? Talend and Prolifics have developed a compelling data integration solution combined with data governance to move your business forward and avoid fines.

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Data Trust Readiness Report

This survey-based benchmark report helps you close the perception gap between management and operations by increasing your data trust readiness quotient for data integrity and speed.

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What is Data Security?

Data security is the collection of measures, such as systems, processes, and procedures, taken to prevent data from becoming corrupted.

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Build a Solid Data Strategy: What You Need To Know

Data drives every aspect, powers decision-making across an enterprise, and can be your most valuable asset. A data strategy is a high-level business-focused plan for all enterprise data, that serves as the foundation of a larger data management strategy.

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Data Governance Success Stories

Read these data governance case studies to discover how companies in industries as diverse as financial services and aviation were able to develop a single source of trusted data, manage data integrity and trust, and share trusted data across their organizations.

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Building a Data Governance Framework

The way you use the data in your organization directly impacts your bottom line. There is no operational excellence without data excellence, and to ensure you are using this valued asset properly, a data governance framework must be part of your strategy.  

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The Definitive Guide to Government Data Quality

Download the Definitive Guide to Government Data Quality to find a step-by-step approach to ensuring trustworthy data is always available for making the best decisions. You’ll also find real-world case studies of organizations that have created infrastructures providing trustworthy data in real time.

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Get Trusted Data without Sacrificing Speed

In this data-driven world, the overall pace of business is sharply accelerating. To keep up with the speed of business, you need trusted data. But, how do you get data you can trust, and how do you get it quickly?

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8 Ways to Reduce Data Integrity Risk

Not only does data integrity combine elements of data quality and security, it’s required for the consistent reuse of data and data-driven processes. Learn how to identify and reduce the threat of common data integrity risks.

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