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How Big Data is Changing Healthcare

Big data in healthcare refers to the extremely large sets of healthcare data amassed from a wide variety of sources. When siloed data sets from various sources, different environments, and different formats are integrated and analyzed, this has a profound effect on the healthcare industry.

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Guide to Machine Learning

This guide will define what machine learning means for commercial use by explaining how to identify the common problems associated with data, how to prepare for a successful machine learning strategy and how exploring machine learning best practices will improve the way your data is processed.

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What is Data Analytics?

Data analysis helps organizations cut costs, increase revenue, and stay competitive by identifying opportunities and critical insights hidden in their data.

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What is a Data Pipeline?

The four critical actions that happen within data pipelines are the means to achieving data integration. It begins with raw data to ultimately produce actionable information and insights.

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Cloud Data Lakes

Download the TDWI Insight Accelerator report to learn more about the technical requirements, benefits, emerging trends, and recommendations for deploying a data lake on a cloud platform.

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DevOps: Fastest Path to the Future of Development

When it comes to digital transformation, few concepts have the potential to reshape the IT landscape as drastically as that of DevOps. DevOps promises to transform IT development from a source of inefficiency and frustration to a center of agility, innovation, and profitability.

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