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Introduction to Talend Data Catalog

The newly introduced Talend Data Catalog, allows companies like yours to organize their data at scale, making it more accessible than ever before to address data challenges as a team, head-on.

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Data Integration Success Stories

This eBook provides examples of four companies in industries like health care, and high tech, and provides information on how they used data integration, cloud computing, and real-time data processing to gain insights and improve business operations.

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Talend API Tester – Working with Scenarios

The Talend API Tester is designed to easily create and manage API Requests and build test Scenarios to ensure your API is working accurately. Scenarios are ordered sets of requests that allow you to simulate real-life usage of an API. Combined with the validation feature, it helps ensure that the behavior is stable over time and complies with rules.

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12 Commandments of Hybrid Cloud Integration

Hybrid architectures are becoming more common. Gartner estimates that by the year 2020, 90% of all organizations will have adopted a hybrid solution. In this article, we take a look at the 12 commandments of hybrid cloud: 8 of the most important hybrid cloud benefits and 4 things to consider as you plan your move to the hybrid cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud – Bringing Balance to Data Management

Hybrid cloud integration dramatically expands your data management toolbox by balancing the familiar functionality of legacy systems with the power and adaptability of the cloud. Hybrid solutions have become so critical to businesses that Gartner estimates that 90% of all organizations will be using a hybrid cloud infrastructure by the year 2020.

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Containerization – Are You Ready?

In a world where data is doubling, and user expectations for data (how they want it, when they want it, where they want it) are compounding, speed and agility are keys to data integration success. For that reason, many enterprises are jumping on the container bandwagon. According to a Forrester report, 66% of enterprises experienced accelerated developer efficiency when they adopted containers, and 75% of companies experienced a moderate to significant increase in application deployment speed with containers. Find out what makes containers so valuable in today’s data-driven world.

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Containerization in the Cloud – Getting Started

Containerization in the cloud is an important trend in software development, and for good reason: it enables your business to scale beyond your wildest dreams. If you are thinking about deploying containers, there are a few things you should know first that will help you maximize the benefits.

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DevOps: Fastest Path to the Future of Development

When it comes to digital transformation, few concepts have the potential to reshape the IT landscape as drastically as that of DevOps. DevOps promises to transform IT development from a source of inefficiency and frustration to a center of agility, innovation, and profitability.

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What is REST API?

REST has emerged as the most versatile and useful web service API. Its simplicity, flexibility, and compatibility make it ideal for working with various types of data and interfacing with the most well-known applications available. In this article, we’ll define REST (or RESTful) API and take a look at how it compares to its predecessor, SOAP. In addition, we’ll explore how REST APIs work and why the trend towards cloud integration makes REST APIs so essential for businesses today.

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Talend Studio Dynamic Distribution Support

The release of Talend 7 is our biggest yet, introducing improvements to cloud, big data, governance and developer productivity. But it is nearly impossible to keep up with every Platform’s release schedule. That’s why, in this latest release, we offer Dynamic Distribution Support for both Hortonworks and Cloudera with support for others coming soon.

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