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Talend Pricing Model

One annual fee per user for data and application integration software

The annual subscription fee for Talend software averages out to 1/5th the price of the competition. That’s because we keep it simple: pay-by-user for data integration and big data integration, add core-based runtime pricing for ESB and MDM components. Vendors with perpetual pricing start with a big upfront cost and then keep adding to it as you connect new data sources and increase data volumes.


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Talend subscription prices vary by product.

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Talend vs the Competition

With Talend, you can optimize your IT budget to take full advantage of the latest big data sources, analytics technologies, and elastic capacity from AWS when you need it because you pay by user.

Developer pricing# of users# of users
Annual maintenance feeIncluded   IncludedIncluded
Connector pricing
- Data sourcesIncluded   IncludedIncluded   Extra Per Core
- Applications (on-premises)Included   IncludedIncluded   Extra Per Core
- SaaSIncluded   IncludedIncluded   Extra Per Core
Runtime pricing
- Big Data IntegrationIncluded   IncludedIncluded   Extra Per Core
- Data IntegrationIncluded   IncludedIncluded   Extra Per Core
- ESB  Per CoreIncluded   Extra Per Core
- MDM  Per CoreIncluded   Extra Per Core
Data qualityIncluded   IncludedIncluded Extra
MDM: Domain pricingIncluded   IncludedIncluded   Extra Per Domain
MDM: Unlimited record processingIncluded   IncludedIncluded Extra

“Not only did Talend fit our technical requirements, but its total cost of ownership over a five-year period was approximately one-third the cost of the least expensive proprietary competitor.”

Andrew Brown, Vice President of Content, SupplyFrame