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Organizations’ digital transformation initiatives are likely to fail if they don’t deliver trusted data at speed. Find out how well today’s businesses trust their data.

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See How Customers Use Trusted Data

Learn how data fuels digital transformation.

Today’s competitive market is driving every organization to be data-driven. That might mean using data to acquire new customers to better serve existing customers, to deliver new services into new markets, or make faster and better business decisions.

Discover how survey respondents are becoming more data-driven with trusted data at speed.

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Find out how organizations solve data challenges.

763 data professionals (executives and operational data workers) were surveyed by Opinion Matters to understand how confident they were in their organization’s ability to deal with two simultaneous challenges: ensuring the reliability and integrity of an organization’s data streams, and enabling the use of intelligent data throughout the entire enterprise.

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Close the data confidence gap.

Less than one third (31%) of data specialists, including data analysts, data scientists and data quality managers, are fully confident in their ability to deliver trusted data at speed throughout their organization.

Discover Why and How to Solve It

Why trust and speed matter.

It’s not enough anymore to deliver data in real-time or to deliver accurate, clean data. To provide the business with the data it needs to fuel digital transformation, organizations must solve both problems at the same time: speed and trust.

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