Talend Cloud provides broad connectivity, built-in data quality, Talend Cloud apps for business, and native code generation to support the latest cloud technologies. You learn how to create datasets and preparations to deliver cleansed, structured, enriched data to business users. You also learn how to build Data Preparation and Data Stewardship Jobs in Talend Studio, publish them to the cloud, and schedule them in Talend Cloud.

Durata 1 day (7 hours)
Target audience Data owners, DI developers, and administrators who want to deliver ready-to-use data to business users and administer data integration Flows
Prerequisites Completion of Introduction to Talend Studio and a fundamental understanding of administrative tasks
Course objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create datasets and preparations
  • Execute a user-defined data preparation in a Talend Job
  • Create tasks for data stewards and use Talend Data Stewardship to resolve manual tasks
  • Use Talend Management Console to schedule execution plans and promote environments
  • Define remote projects and use basic Git features in Talend Studio
Course agenda

Talend Cloud in context

  • Concepts

Introduction to Pipeline Designer

  • Connecting to the Talend Cloud platform
  • Creating a simple pipeline
  • Using an Aggregate component
  • Using a Join component

Creating and executing a data preparation

  • Connecting to the Talend Cloud platform
  • Creating a data preparation and related dataset
  • Executing a preparation in a Talend Job

Running tasks in the cloud

  • Publishing a Job to Talend Cloud
  • Running a task in the cloud

Handling tasks in Talend Data Stewardship

  • Creating a merging campaign
  • Publishing merging tasks
  • Solving merging tasks

Implementing cloud operations

  • Creating a remote engine
  • Executing a task on a remote engine
  • Scheduling task execution
  • Promoting environments