This learning plan covers the main functionalities of Talend Management Console, a cloud application used to schedule and follow up task execution but also as an administration console to create users, roles, user groups, and projects. You can design cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration Jobs in Talend Studio and publish them to Talend Management Console.

Durata 1 day (7 hours)
Target Developers and administrators who want to administer data integration Flows
Prerequisiti A fundamental understanding of administrative tasks
Obiettivi del corso

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Use Talend Management Console to create users and roles
  • Execute a Job on a cloud engine
  • Create and schedule an execution plan
  • Promote environments
  • Configure Talend Management Console to store projects in a Git repository
  • Define remote projects and use Git features in Talend Studio
  • Execute a Job on a remote engine from Talend Studio or in Talend Cloud
Agenda del corso

Talend Cloud Administration in context

  • Concepts

Creating users and roles in Talend Cloud

  • Creating a role in Talend Management Console
  • Creating users and user groups

Running tasks on a cloud engine

  • Connecting Talend Studio to Talend Cloud
  • Preparing a Job in Talend Studio
  • Executing a task in the cloud
  • Scheduling task execution
  • Promoting environments

Defining remote projects in TMC

  • Configuring Git on Talend Management Console
  • Using Git in Talend Studio

Working with remote engines

  • Creating a remote engine
  • Executing a task on a remote engine

Deploying artifacts to Talend Cloud

  • Deploying microservices
  • Deploying Routes
  • Creating and deploying a pipeline

Using Talend Management Console API

  • Introduction to Talend Management Console API
  • Configure tasks using Talend Management Console API
  • Creating and running a plan with Talend Management Console API