This course enables business users to quickly access and handle tasks. It covers creation of data models, semantic types, campaigns, and tasks, as well as how to resolve several types of task in Talend Data Stewardship.

Durata Half day (4 hours)
Target Anyone who wants to use Talend Data Stewardship to manage the data life cycle from curation to completion
Prerequisiti Completion of Introduction to Talend Studio
Obiettivi del corso

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a data model and required semantic types
  • Create several campaigns
  • Create tasks for campaigns
  • Resolve tasks
Agenda del corso

Talend Data Stewardship in context

  • Concepts and purpose

Creating a resolution campaign

  • Creating a data model
  • Creating a resolution campaign
  • Generating resolution tasks
  • Handling resolution tasks

Creating a grouping campaign

  • Creating a data model
  • Creating a grouping campaign
  • Generating grouping tasks
  • Handling grouping tasks

Creating an arbitration campaign

  • Creating an arbitration campaign
  • Generating arbitration tasks
  • Handling arbitration tasks

Creating a merging campaign

  • Creating a merging campaign
  • Generating merging tasks
  • Handling merging tasks