« We have integrated Talend into our cloud strategy to drive faster quote times and
offer our customers an improved path to purchase. »

Ian Edwards, Data Warehouse Technical Product Owner, MoneySuperMarket


Improved path to purchase for consumers with better product comparison tools

Daily metrics

Daily metrics reports from finance and marketing enable channel performance forecasts

Data science

Data science applied to 11TB of data enables teams to perform ad hoc data analysis

Enabling consumers to compare financial products simply and quickly

The UK’s leading price-comparison website, MoneySuperMarket.com (MSM), began to embark on a journey of IT transformation in order to drive customer experience

and conversion through their website. MSM was using legacy ETL tools whose licensing models did not fit with the company’s cloud strategy going forward, especially given that the company wouldn’t be able to automate servers the way it wanted and would have limited flexibility in the number of servers it could deploy.

Like many other businesses, MSM is looking to leverage the capacity of Amazon Web Services to reduce cost and drive agility through their IT estate.

MSM also selected Talend Data Management, with ETL and Data Quality functionality. MSM now uses Talend to get data from several web services into data warehouses for consumption by its various departments, such as finance, marketing and business intelligence; and for market intelligence reporting.

Made available to consumers on the MSM website, data on financial products enables consumers to compare offers across a market, and to get unique insights into what kinds of offers are most compelling.

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Data Quality

Improve the accuracy and integrity of data with Talend Open Studio for Data QualityDettagli del prodotto