This course is designed for systems administrators in charge of installing and maintaining Talend solutions. It focuses on features that support enterprise-level integrations in which performance and Job deployment may be more intricate due to complexities associated with multiple users and disparate systems, platforms, and protocols.

Duración Half day (3 hours)
¿Quién debería asistir? Anyone responsible for the operation, deployment, or maintenance of Talend Jobs
Requisitos previos Basic knowledge of networking and systems architecture
Course objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Talend DI server architecture
  • Configure Talend Administration Center (TAC)
  • Create projects and users
  • Manage SVN branches
  • Build, deploy, and run a task
  • Configure and use Activity Monitoring Console (AMC)
  • Configure and use Talend Log Server
  • Use Git with Talend projects
Course agenda

Introduction to Talend Data Integration Server

  • Exploring Talend Studio
  • Configuring Talend repositories
  • Understanding the purpose of TAC
  • Discovering Talend JobServer
  • Managing the server with Talend logging systems

Talend Administration Center

  • Configuring SVN
  • Configuring the TAC database
  • Connecting to TAC
  • Configuring TAC
  • Creating projects

Talend Studio

  • Configuring a Studio connection
  • Branching

Deploying Jobs

  • Configuring JobServer
  • Deploying DI Jobs from a zip build
  • Deploying Jobs using Nexus artifact repository
  • Scheduling task execution
  • Using execution plans

Monitoring the system

  • Configuring AMC
  • Monitoring with AMC

Using Git with Talend projects

  • Configuring Git in TAC
  • Using Git in Studio