Quantyca is an Italian consulting company focused on Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence.
Quantyca leverages on a complete technological stack in order to analyze the Client’s business according to three main drivers:

  • Technology
  • Processes
  • Organization

Quantyca supports customers in mapping their current processes and in defining a clear optimization path; if needed, Quantyca provides them with high performance tools in order to mark out and easily monitor the most relevant KPI’s.
Quantyca selected Talend Technologies for its Business Intelligence projects for these reasons:
* Open and standards-based, can be used with other elements, proprietary and open, already existing inside company infrastructure, getting the full value out of existing investments
* Supported by an established company that provides support, assistance and continued evolution and development
* Best of breed in their field of application
Quantyca offers expertise and continuous training in these technologies, combining methodolgies and operational experience in integration processes.