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A free download of a Talend Open Studio product gets you started. Talend commercial editions take productivity and performance to the next level.

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5 Reasons to Upgrade from Talend Open Studio

why_upgrade_numerals_1 why_upgrade_numerals_1 Spend more time on project development and less on maintenance


Talend subscription products include graphical wizards so you can reduce development time, testing and maintenance efforts.

why_upgrade_numerals_2 why_upgrade_numerals_2 Improve collaboration and increase productivity


Talend subscription products include 2 free licenses for Data Preparation to empower any decision maker to prepare data for analytics and operations, then share data sets and preparation recipes.

why_upgrade_numerals_3 why_upgrade_numerals_3 Monitor and manage complex deployments with ease


The Talend Administration Center and the Activity Monitoring Console provide management and visibility for any data integration deployment—from a single job with a few records to thousands of jobs and terabytes of data.

why_upgrade_numerals_4 why_upgrade_numerals_4 Access support with guaranteed response times


In addition to automatic upgrades, access to bug tracking and user forums, subscription customers receive unlimited access to technical support via web and email with a guaranteed response time.

why_upgrade_numerals_5 why_upgrade_numerals_5 Reduce risk of infringement


Open source software results from collaborative efforts and infringement may be a risk, even if it was unintended. An indemnification clause for subscription customers guarantees that Talend will provide legal and financial protection should the Talend code infringe the rights of a third party.

  Choose Your UpgradeCompare Editions

Choose Your Upgrade

Expand your options and take your integrations to the next level.

  Talend Open Studio Entry-level Edition Platform Edition
Big Data Open Studio for Big Data Big Data
Free Trial
Big Data Platform Free Trial Real-Time Big Data Platform Free Trial
Data Integration Open Studio for Data Integration Data Integration Free Trial Data Management Platform Request Info
Application Integration Open Studio for ESB ESB Request Info Data Services Platform Request Info
Master Data Management Open Studio for MDM Unavailable MDM Platform Request Info
Data Quality Open Studio for Data Quality Unavailable Data Management Platform Request Info MDM Platform Request Info

Compare Editions

  Talend Open Studio Entry-level Edition Platform Edition
License Apache Subscription Subscription
900+ connectors and components Included Included Included
Rich development and collaboration tools Unavailable Included Included
Administration tools Unavailable Included Included
Monitoring console Unavailable Included Included
Data Preparation Unavailable Included Included
Data quality* Unavailable Unavailable Included
Repository manager Unavailable Unavailable Included
High availability, load balancing, and failover Unavailable Unavailable Included
Technical support Unavailable Web, email Web, email, phone
Indemnification Unavailable Included Included
  Free Download Free Download Free Trial Free Trial Request Info Free Trial

* Available as Talend Open Studio for Data Quality and in all platform editions, not part of entry-level edition products.

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