„With Talend, prospective buyers have real-time information at their fingertips to select the right house and neighborhoods.“

Sonny Ouyang, Director of Product Development, Onboard Informatics

2M listings

2 million property listing records

3 days to 2 hrs.

3 days to 2 hours for home-sale transaction data processing

150M records

150 million property data records updated monthly and 200,000 daily

Finding the dream home

Onboard Informatics provides prospective buyers with accurate data on current real estate listings, community facts, and detailed school data for the entire U.S.

Real-estate listings, photos, broker profiles, and home-sale transaction data processing used to take two or three days and was done weekly. Now, with Talend Data Management, this process is down to two hours.

Real estate clients can get price range, sales history, demographics, crime, weather, school rankings, points of interest, and more—all from a single provider.

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