Meeting the French President at the Elysée Palace

Today we were invited by the French President to attend the presentation of “La Nouvelle France Industrielle”, an initiative launched by the French Government to invigorate innovation and entrepreneurship in France. La Nouvelle France Industrielle is composed of 34 plans in many domains including big data, cloud computing, e-health, but also non-digital domains such as transportation, sustainable agriculture, and more.

One of these 34 plans is the “Big Data” plan.  In thepublished report (page 51), the main themes of the plan are presented, and a few key French players are mentioned, with Talend leading the pack.

It was of course a great honor to be invited to the official unveiling of the initiative, and to meet many decision-makers in the French Government, Ministries, and many public and private agencies.

For the French software industry, the question is very simple: do we want to lead the big data revolution, or jump on the bandwagon at a later date? Talend has chosen to lead the pack.  Fellow software entrepreneurs, please join us!








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