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Salesforce Acquires Mulesoft – The War for Customer Data Rages On

It’s been fascinating to see the customer data market evolve.  Initially, Google and Facebook were leaders in using customer data to create better products and cloud services.  More recently, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have been in an all-out war to win the cloud platform market, especially through machine learning.  Most recently, we are hearing fro

The Countdown to GDPR Compliance Begins – Are You Ready?

This blog was originally published by Ronak Chokshi on the MapR Blog   The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new legislation enacted in the European Union (EU) as of April 14, 2016, that will be enforced on May 25, 2018. It impacts any company with 250+ employees that controls or processe

It’s Time to End Bad Data

Bad data has never been such a big deal.  Why? Well, according to IDC’s latest report, "Data Age 2025", the projected size of the global data sphere in 2025 would be the equivalent of watching the entire Netflix catalog 489 million times (or 163 ZB of data). In a nutshell, the global data sphere is expected to be 10 tim

How Big Data is Growing Agriculture

[style-full-width-content type="video" url=""]  For this episode of Craft Beer & Data, Mark and I hung out with Eric Matelski, tap-room manager at the Epic Brewing Company, and talked about how big data is transforming the agricultural industry. But first, Eric told us about one of his favorite beers (lately), Falling Monk: “This is a beer we made for Falling Rock

How to Migrate Your Data From On-premises to the Cloud: Amazon S3

Migrating to the Cloud 2018 is the year of the cloud, and as more and more companies move to cloud technologies it is important to realize how your business can best utilize the cloud. One of the biggest issues enterprises are having today, is moving their data from their on-premise databases to their cloud data storage. This can be a long, and tedious process if you don’t have the correct tools. Luckily, Talend is here to help! At Talend, I needed to take

“Moving to the Cloud”: Going Cloud First at University of Pennsylvania

Moving an 18th Century University to the Cloud UPenn is an Ivy League University. Founded in 1740, UPenn was the first university in the United States with both undergraduate and graduate studies. Today, the university has grown into a vast and complex organization with 25 thousand students and 12 different schools. Similarly, UPenn has recently undertaken a massive program to transform and grow the capabilities its IT infrastructu

The Cloud of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Cloud computing in the form we understand today started around 10 years ago, with the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This was the first commercially viable option for businesses to store data in the cloud rather than on-premise and acted as a shared service for anyone connecting to the platform. Early stage cloud computing was certainly more technical than it is now. However, no more than managing a data center – something that IT departments at the time were well used to. Any

Building the Best Enterprise Data Strategy in 2018: How Our Customers Are Getting There

It’s an exciting time to be working in the Cloud, Big Data, and Machine Learning industry, but it’s even more exciting to hear how Talend customers are building their data strategy to drive business results.  Every year we invite representatives from some of our most strategic customers to join us for two days to share their experiences with Talend’s products and provide input into our roadmap. This year we had an amazing group representing some of the best-known brands in the

A Simple Architecture for Building a Big Data Lake on Azure with Talend Cloud

Big data has emerged to be the most important tool businesses use to help shape their future. Major companies like Amazon, Uber and Netflix are using big data to fuel breakneck speed of innovation in everything from customer engagement to new product development to business optimization strategy. And the rise of big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kubernetes, and Kafka, combined with the promise of cloud, have empowered countless enterprises to execute their big data initiatives effo

Digital transformation in the public sector: balancing the risks with data-driven cyber security

The 35 million people who saw Skyfall back in 2012 were in for a treat – thrills, tension, and a spectacular hacking attempt against the UK public sector. While many have picked up on the evident flaws in the Bond version of MI6’s approach to cybersecurity, the film provokes an interesting reminder that in our rush to digitize public services, there is certainly more to be done in ensuring that these services are secure. Cloud adoption in the public sector has risen to 78% in the UK in 20