Ashwin Viswanath

- Director of Product Marketing

Ashwin Viswanath is the Director of Product Marketing for Talend Integration Cloud and is tasked with helping drive Talend's cloud strategy into new markets. He spent over four years at Informatica Cloud accomplishing several key milestones such as launching their first integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), successfully penetrating the Amazon Web Services ecosystem with early customer wins, and defining a hybrid integration strategy to cater to the needs of enterprise organizations. He has previously worked at NetSuite, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems, and possesses over 10 years of deep domain experience in the areas of APIs, data integration, microservices, Big Data, IoT, and cloud computing. In his spare time, Ashwin's hobbies include researching artificial intelligence, advocating for autonomous vehicles, and dabbling in organic gardening. You can follow Ashwin on Twitter at @Ash__V.

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