Have you checked out Talend’s 2019 summer release yet?

Have you checked out Talend’s 2019 summer release yet?

Have you had a chance to take a look at Talend’s summer 2019 product release? Our 2019 release has some exciting features that not only will help improve your productivity but will help you scale data projects across your organization. We are all about helping you do your work faster, and we think you’ll find the new features in this latest product release pretty great.

Changes to Pipeline Designer

First of all, some big changes are coming to our next generation cloud data integration design environment, Pipeline Designer. First of all, if you haven’t tried Pipeline Designer, it’s going to be really simple to actually try out and purchase the product. You can save money and pay as you go using a credit card. That way you can easily stick to your budget and only pay for what you use.

Plus, it’s going to be a lot easier to get support with the built-in product chat. You can debug, request help or simply ask a product-related question to a Talend employee from directly within Pipeline Designer.

Improved Connectivity between Pipeline Designer, Microsoft Azure, and Data Bricks

Talend's summer release features improved connectivity to Azure Data Warehouse, Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Store Gen2.  In addition, you can scale and leverage the power of Databricks directly from any Pipeline while Talend Studio for Big Data now features connectivity to Databrick’s Delta Lake.  The idea behind all these features is to increase the number of integration possibilities. With Pipeline Designer, you can increasingly connect anything to anything!

Improving Data Quality and Data Governance

Pipeline Designer isn’t the only Talend product that got improvements in this release. We also improved Talend’s data quality and data governance capabilities. Check out these new features:

  • MagicFill
  • Reversible Masking
  • Campaign Monitoring

MagicFill utilizes machine learning to automatically suggest transformations to data based on sample input from the user, minimizing mistakes and saving you time. Reversible masking increases your data security even further by enabling sensitive data to be protected across any data flow.  Finally, Campaign Monitoring is a cutting-edge dashboard contained within Talend Data Stewardship. It can track the effectiveness of data remediation across your organization. 


Containerization and Native Docker Support

As your organization adopts containers and microservices, you can use Talend's new native Docker support for Data Services and Routes. Companies can scale up or down depending on the needs of the business, and the containers created by Talend work with any Containerized or Kubernetes environment. 

The new Zero-Config CI Plugin scales DevOps with enterprise grade automation without the complexity. There’s no command line to install or configure. Automatically install, configure, and build to maximize CI with Talend. And everything is optimized for cloud CI/CD managed services. 

Take a look at Talend’s new features

This video gives you an up-close look at Talend’s new features and capabilities:

Give Talend’s new release a try

Do these features sound enticing? Thought so. See everything that’s included in this summer’s release and give all the new products and features a try.





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