How to Unlock Your SAP Data Potential for Accelerated Analytics – Part 1

Many SAP customers have been running SAP on premise for decades and have struggled to harness the full potential of their business processes data running inside of SAP along with other enterprise and external data to gain augmented insight and become more agile in this digital era where everything keeps on moving at an exponential pace with no sign of slowing down.

Talend has been helping customers tap into the huge potential of their SAP, Salesforce, Marketo, SaaS data and more for many years. Now with cloud modernization projects, customers can accelerate their way to cloud analytics for their SAP data while benefiting from the huge cost savings of running their analytics processing in the cloud.


Brewing Up The Best Customer Experience at AB InBev

AB InBev is the world’s largest beer maker, with a diverse portfolio of over 500 beer brands, including Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Beck’s, Hoegaarden, and Leffe. Because the company has grown through acquisitions, its data ecosystem was comprised of Salesforce, 15 SAP instances, 27 ERP systems, 23 ETL tools, and a host of brewers operating as independent entities with their own internal systems. When Harinder Singh assumed leadership for data strategy and solution architecture at AB inBev in 2017, he set out to change things—starting with the creation of an enterprise data hub.

AB inBev extracts data from a vast range of sources to better understand customer tastes, improve store and bar experiences, supply chain optimization, product development, and more. With Microsoft Azure Cloud and Talend Data Fabric, AB inBev consolidated its data into a single repository, and optimized its data pipelines. This strategy has freed up the data science team from menial, time-consuming tasks so that they can focus on testing new data models and analyzing data. The increased speed has had a major impact on production and demand forecasting, which in turn helps with operations planning. All of the newly gained insights also feed into Ab inBev new product development, enabling the teams to create best-selling beverages from the get-go.

Harinder Singh presented their digital transformation journey at Strata Data Conference in March and what he said about empowering self-service analytics for the business was a aha moment for many in the room: by the 4th time a business person asks a question, he/she often comes up with a new business idea or innovation.

Unlocking your SAP data for Cloud Analytics

Talend provides out of the box visual components to connect to your SAP data and to your preferred cloud data warehouse so you can easily offload data for faster and more cost-effective analytics.

Users can integrate data between SAP systems and any other business-critical applications. By integrating the power of SAP interfaces (IDOC , BAPIs or Data Extractor), Talend facilitates complex data-related tasks; any module of enterprise SAP structures can be accessed.

  • Reading data from SAP environment at any level, from Tables, BAPIs or IDOCs. These operations include for example extracting a partial data set for reuse in a third-party application.
  • Transforming data from or to any SAP or non-SAP system: transformations include data quality operations such as deduplication or aggregation over heterogeneous SAP data environments or over data to be integrated into an SAP system.
  • Integrating data in any format: data may come from databases, binary files or flat files, or web streams, etc.

Talend’s SAP-dedicated features include:

  • A set of connectors for reading and writing purposes, these connectors enable efficient development and deployment of bi-directional data transformations from and to SAP systems, and between SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • Wizards that simplify the function calling as well as the data handling through a convenient visual interface. This allows users to reuse their preferred settings in all their jobs, dramatically accelerating and facilitating development and maintenance operations.
  • Native support of SAP at any level: Table, IDOC and BAPI level (including custom BAPI, ZBAPI, Table and Ztable).

Some of the more recent additions to Talend SAP components include:

  • SAP Bulk Extraction allowing to pull large amounts of batch data out of SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA.
  • A Business Content Extractor delivering semantic views on top of SAP data sources, it also allows to integrate with SAP Business Warehouses without needing external logic.


Lear more about our components for SAP and Redshift, and components for SAP and Microsoft Azure.

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