[Podcast] Tech Trends in 2017 with Bernard Marr: Blockchain, IoT and More


Last year, half the world’s population became connected to the internet, and the number of connected machines surpassed 6.4 billion according to Gartner. That’s a lot of data coming from a lot of places. So what will businesses be doing with all this data being generated by connected devices, machines and people in 2017?

To answer that, I sat down with Big Data influencer and CEO of the Advanced Performance Institute Bernard Marr to discuss 3 tech trends everyone should be keeping an eye on this year. Download our latest podcast below to see what he said about Blockchain, IoT, AI and more.

Podcast Topic Guide:

Part 1: How Will Companies Begin to Leverage AI?

Part 2: Is the IoT Hype or Reality?

Part 3: What Impact Will Blockchain Have on the Financial Industry?

Download the full white paper from Bernard Marr here.

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