Data Linking to Enable All Enterprises to Enjoy the Merits of Cloud Computing
Tokyo (Japan) - September 13, 2012

I-Ways Corporation (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Isao Toyama; hereafter “i-Ways”), a group of specialists whose main business is system consulting, system architecture, and data management, today, in cooperation with IDC Frontier Inc. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Yutaka Shindo; hereafter “IDC Frontier”), today announced the commencement of their data bridging service, “DataBridge”, centered on cloud-to-cloud linking, as a IDC Frontier cloud computing service.

The DataBridge data bridging service is a solution enabling quick, easy, and secure cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise, and various other cloud-related data linking. It is now possible to utilize data for all types of applications, such as protecting enterprise data in a cloud environment, or linking cloud and on-premise data, in order to handle the dramatically escalating data volumes being used today. In order to accommodate a wide range of users and their various needs, this service offers 4 versions in two models, an Entry model (self managed version) and a Standard model (self managed version). For various system data linking, including cloud environments, DataBridge utilizes the solution offered by Talend, known as the market leader for open source middle ware solutions.

DataBridge uses the IDC Frontier Cloud Service for its work environment, the first time it has been used in the public cloud. The IDC Frontier Cloud Service is an IaaS cloud service capable of building and managing IT resources based on the concepts of “global standard cloud computing”, “numerous variations”, and “Japanese product reliability”. It applies best practices in the operation of its server and network infrastructure that take advantage of IDC Frontier’s long years of experience operating data centers. Cloud services commenced at domestic data centers from June 2009 with a managed version featuring dedicated staff offering full-time operational support, and a self portal service enabling the user to build and manage IT resources when needed and to the extent required via the Web using a CloudStack in a cloud infrastructure, providing a high level of quality reaching SLA99.995%.

I-Ways’ President, Isao Toyama, remarked that, “The shift to the cloud is speeding up, but this does not mean that all customers are enjoying its merits. Among the many customers challenged with a variety of issues and needs depending on the size of the enterprise, the existing IT environment, and the skill of the operating organization, there exists a need on the cloud service provider side for a more comprehensive service. DataBridge, offered along with the IDC Frontier Cloud Service, is a solution for solving the issues faced by these customers, especially those issues involving data linking. By offering this service we are confident we will be helping to promote cloud utilization and data linking in our customers’ businesses.”

Representative Director Toru Kobayashi of Talend, which is supplying the data linking solution’s core functionality, commented that, “I am very happy that the DataBridge service offered by i-Ways and IDC Frontier uses the Talend solution. Nowadays Big Data is gaining attention and by providing linking and operational functions for handling the data itself, Talend is hoping to get more closely involved in the business of its customers and partners.”


The DataBridge Entry model, suited to simple data linking jobs, is available for a monthly fee starting from 60,000 yen (set up fees included), and the Standard model, suitable for team development and operational monitoring, starts from 120,000 yen per month (set up fees included).  * Both are for the self-managed versions.

The key features of DataBridge are as follows. For further details, please refer to the reference materials accompanying this press release.

  • Quick Environment Configuration 
    A data linking environment can be configured in a minimum of 2 hours. As a result, service can be commenced quickly with no heavy workload or lengthy implementation procedure.
  • Data Linking with Various Cloud Services
    By utilizing Talend technology, the number one open source data integration solution, cloud data and client data can be linked. A wide range of data can be handled with certainty, including Big Data. As the licensing fee for using Talend is included in the service fee, there are no extra costs. 
  • Highly Scalable
    As DataBridge is cloud-based, it can be scaled to meet specific job requirements. It can be launched on a small scale and then scaled up flexibly as business expands.


About  I-ways

I-Ways Corporation ( is a group of specialists whose main business is system consulting and the construction of BI systems, data warehousing, Web systems (campaign sites, e-commerce sites), and cloud systems. I-Ways is pursuing new potential in market sectors that include the analysis and management of data for the information society, the visualization of data hidden within the information society, the construction of knowledge management systems that aggregate enterprise knowledge, CGM (Web community tool) that provides a communications stream for the voice of the consumer, and the rapidly growing mobile communications market. In addition to having been selected for the " Best Venture 100" (Best Venture Companies of the Next Generation), "Engineer Power 100" (Firms Where IT and NET Engineers Can Grow), and "Leaders' Award" (Management Most Admired by 200,000 Students), I-Ways is also an administrative member of the  IT Coordinators Association, and a supporting member of JIIA (Japan Internet Advertising Association) and plays an active role within the industry.

About  IDC Frontier Inc.
Company Name : IDC Frontier Inc.
President & CEO: Yutaka Shinto

Core Business:
Cloud computing, data centers, hosting , IP networks, consulting, system development and system administration.

IDC Frontier Inc. is a strategic subsidiary within the Yahoo! JAPAN Group that is responsible for the group's cloud computing and data center businesses and provides the IT infrastructure needed to support the revitalization and growth of the Japanese business scene through business domains that include cloud computing, data centers, hosting, IP networks, consulting, and system construction and management. IDC Frontier operates data centers in 9 locations throughout Japan, all known for a high level of reliability that has been made possible by long years of experience.