Month: November 2019

Why I stopped practicing law? Because data is king.

  When I was in my mid-twenties, I thought I had it all. I had just recently graduated from a top law school, passed the California Bar Exam, and was working as a junior associate at a prestigious San Francisco law firm. Three short years later, I had turned my back on law and embarked […]

5 best practices to innovate at speed in the Cloud: Tip #5 Accelerate data delivery to third party applications and teams through APIs

Starting last September, The Talend Blog Team started sharing fruitful tips to securely kick off your data project in the cloud at speed.  This week, we’re concluding the series with the fifth and last capability: Accelerate data delivery to third party applications and teams through APIs.   Billions of times each day, application programming interfaces […]

Want to Build a Responsive and Intelligent Data Pipeline? Focus on Lifecycle

Today, enterprises need to collect and analyze more and more data to drive greater business insight and improve customer experiences. To process this data, technology stacks have evolved to include cloud data warehouses and data lakes, big data processing, serverless computing, containers, machine learning, and more. Increasingly, layered across this network of systems, is a […]

Birds migrate. But why do data warehouses?

Well, let’s be specific here. Birds migrate either north or south. Data warehouses are only going in one direction. Up, to the cloud. It’s a common trend we’re seeing across every vertical and across every region. Companies are moving their existing data warehouses to cloud environments like Amazon Redshift. And more often than not –unlike […]

How to do Snowflake query pushdown in Talend

ELT -> Map -> DB JDBC

In a typical/traditional data warehouse solution, the data is read into ETL memory, processed/transformed in the memory before loading into the target database. With the growing data, the cost of compute is also increasing and hence it becomes vital to look for alternate design. Welcome to pushdown query processing. The basic idea of pushdown is […]

Quick wins for modern analytics projects with Amazon Redshift and Stitch Data Loader

It’s no secret that the cloud data warehouse space is exploding. Driven by the need for on-demand, performant data warehousing solutions, businesses are turning to public cloud providers to modernize their analytics infrastructure and help them make better business decisions. Among the leading data warehouse options from the public cloud providers is Amazon Redshift. Redshift […]