Month: October 2019

Talend’s vault-based secrets revealed : Open-sourcing Vault Sidecar Injector

Handling secrets has always been a challenging and critical task within organizations. As production workloads deployed in remote clouds or following hybrid patterns are ever increasing, this problematic becomes more complex: we still want to manage secrets from a central place, using state-of-the-art security practices (encryption at rest, secrets rotation), with as less adherence on […]

The Smart Data Cloud Approach

To maximize the benefits of cloud, data & machine learning and make it available to innovative digital teams and customers, the data lake is the definite reference model. How can we accelerate its implementation and scope without losing control or jeopardizing its sustainability? Many data lake initiatives will lead to failure by using artisanal approaches […]

Can data privacy compliance create more business opportunities?

CCPA is the latest regulation which should be a concern for all companies with California residents in their databases. There are less than 90 days left to be ready to comply with CCPA, on top of the other regulations.   The spread of data privacy regulations According to Graham Greenleaf, Professor of Law & Information […]

Keeping student enrollment from slipping down data silos

A single view of data helps universities personalize messages designed to recruit new students or send timely responses about financial aid information. On a competitive landscape, these actions can differentiate one university from another. It could also be the reason why a student decides to enroll in one institution over another.  DeVry University focuses on […]

Understanding the business glossary

This is part three of an occasional series on data governance (DG) and its enabling technologies. In parts one and two I gave an overview of what data governance is and how it might be undertaken; in this blog, I talk about business glossaries–one of the key DG-enabling technologies–and how to create one. Let me […]