Month: September 2019

Why data governance is not an option

With the global increase in data breaches, like the biggest data fiasco of Facebook and the massive cyber attack on SingHealth’s database, the simple question of “Where is my data?” now requires answers that derive from the complex universe of data governance.  In Singapore in particular, the most serious breach of personal data, where 1.5 […]

5 best practices to innovate at speed in the Cloud: Tip #1 Perform real-time data integration to meet real business needs

Starting September, The Talend Blog Team will relay to share fruitful tips & to securely kick off your data project in the cloud at speed.  This week, we’ll start with the first capability: empower organizations with the ability to perform real time data integration to meet real business needs. Perform real-time data integration to meet […]

Why APIs hold the key to a killer customer experience

The term API – Application Programming Interface – refers to the set of communication protocols or rules which allow an application to access the features of, or data contained in, another operating system or program. APIs can make it possible for companies to build rich and accurate profiles of their customers by aggregating data about […]

The implications of data privacy regulations on AI

Investment in artificial intelligence (AI) is growing, with 60% of adopters raising their budgets 50% year over year, according to Constellation Research. But working with AI under emerging privacy standards is complex, requiring a dynamic balance that allows for continued innovation without misstepping on regulatory requirements. Under privacy regulations, businesses are responsible for gaining consent to […]

What is Open Source Middleware?  


Middleware is considered by many as an old-fashioned term, but the function that it performs is more important than ever. With ever-growing amounts of data, applications, and systems in use throughout the  enterprise, integrating them all and putting an end to data silos is becoming more important than ever before. Businesses that win are the […]

Join us at Snowflake Summit World Tour

For those of you who missed last June’s Snowflake Summit in San Francisco, here’s your chance to be a part of this comprehensive learning opportunity. Join us and other fellow data-driven practitioners and leaders at a one-day free event held world-wide as part of the Snowflake Summit World Tour 2019.  Not only will you get […]

Develop a Tableau Component for Talend Studio

So far it was only possible to publish data from Talend Data Integration to Tableau Server indirectly. In this blog post we present a custom Talend Component, that enables Talend to publish data directly to Tableau Server without any detours. Business Use Case A company does not want to give all employees direct access to […]