Month: August 2019

The Need for a Frictionless Enterprise in a Digital-Native World

The word “frictionless” has emerged as a term used to describe when an action is achieved with or involving little difficulty; it is about effortlessness. This term is most commonly associated with customer experience and payments. Amazon-like expectations Consumers are already familiar with this term without realizing it. Retail is the perfect illustration of what […]

Data Privacy through shuffling and masking – Part 2

In the first part of this blog two-part series, we took a deep dive on Data Shuffling techniques aiming to mix up data and allowing to optionally retain logical relationships between columns. In this second part, we will now focus on Data Masking techniques as one of the main approaches to guarantee Data Privacy. Data […]

The Privacy Hazard in High Tech Heritage

DNA kits like 23andMe, Helix and AncestryDNA topped holiday gift guides again this past year. Kits range in the market from $60 to $200, and they’re meant to help consumers understand family history, genealogy and can even connect unknown family members. Collecting genetic data can also have broader impacts in healthcare and justice for law […]

Continuous Integration made easy in the Cloud with Talend

In this blog I would like to highlight a new capability from our latest 7.2 Studio and its integration with Talend Cloud in the Summer ‘19 release. While this feature could be seen as a light improvement aiming to ease the life of Talend users, it’s in fact much more than that! While Talend has […]

Data Privacy through shuffling and masking – Part 1

Protecting sensitive data can be a challenging task for companies. In a connected world in which data privacy regulations are continually changing, some technics offer strong solutions for staying compliant with the latest requirements such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. […]

Talend Data Trust Readiness Report: How Companies Cope with Modern Data Challenges

We’ve entered the era of the information economy, where data has become the most critical asset of every organization. To support business objectives such as revenue growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction, organizations are increasingly reliant on data to make decisions and drive their operations. Since data is such an important strategic asset for most organizations, […]