Month: July 2019

One Year After GDPR: Three Common Mistakes Businesses Still Make

May 25, 2019 marked the one-year anniversary of the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into full effect. This milestone serves as a timely reminder for any business in the EU or doing business with EU residents on both the implications of failing to protect data and the procedures needed to prevent this […]

Outra – Increasing value and predictability of big data

Outra is a UK predictive data science business that helps companies increase the power and precision of data through a modern, science-led approach which delivers actionable insight at speed.   Many of Outra’s clients have either limited or no data science capabilities in house. Outra matches its proprietary property data with client’s customer data and any relevant third-party data. Then by applying deep learning, they create […]

Using the Spark machine learning library in Talend components

Spark MLlib with Talend components

Talend provides a family of Machine Learning components which are available in the Palette of the Talend Studio if you have subscribed to any Talend Platform product with Big Data or Talend Data Fabric.   These components provide a whole bunch of tools and technologies to help integrate Machine Learning concepts for your use cases. These out of the box components can perform various Machine Learning techniques such as Classification, Clustering, Recommendation and Regression. They leverage Spark for scale […]