Month: June 2019

Creating Avro schemas for Pipeline Designer with Pipeline Designer

I have had the privilege of playing with and following the progress of Pipeline Designer for a while now. I am really excited about this new tool. If you haven’t seen it yet, then don’t delay and get your free trial now…..actually, maybe read this blog first 😉  Pipeline Designer is an incredibly intuitive, web-based, […]

Finding Patterns in Data with Talend

Finding Patterns in Data With Talend Screenshot 1

The main purpose of machine learning is to perform learning tasks on unseen data sets, having previously built up experience using training and testing data. Often those tasks can include looking for patterns and relationships between variables within the data. In supervised learning, one of the three main types of machine learning, we will have some idea of the types of input […]

4 Best Practices For Utilizing Talend Data Catalog in Your ETL/ELT Processes

Introduction Talend Data Catalog provides intelligent data discovery that delivers a single source of trusted data into a centralized data catalog. Talend Data Catalog provides the capability for doing impact analysis and/or tracing lineage by harvesting Talend data integration Jobs. For example,  you can find the use of a specific attribute or column from the source to the destination of the data flow within the scope […]