Month: August 2018

Six Do’s and Don’ts of Collaborative Data Management

Data Quality Projects are not technical projects anymore. They are becoming collaborative and team driven. As organizations strive to succeed their digital transformation, data professionals realize they need to work as teams with business operations as they are the ones who need better data to succeed their operations. Being in the cockpit, Chief Data Officers […]

Why data is no longer just an IT function

Data – or at least the collection, storage, protection, transfer and processing of it – has traditionally been seen as the role of a modern data-driven technical division. However, as data continues to explode in both volume and importance, it is not enough to gather huge amounts of disparate data into a data lake and […]

New Sources, New Data, New Tools: Large Health Insurance Group Confronts the Future of Financial Data Management in Healthcare

The world of healthcare never rests and one of the largest health insurance groups in the U.S. is not alone in wanting to provide, “quality care, better patient outcomes, and more engaged consumers.”   They achieve this through careful consideration as to how they manage their financial data.  This is the backbone of providing that quality […]

Come fly with me: holi-data and where it can take us

The travel industry is undergoing considerable change. According to research from Statista, international tourism has more than doubled in the last 20 years and customers now demand faster and more customized services. With access to more travel information online, holiday-makers are always connected. They learned to be autonomous through self-service and real-time recommendations and want […]

Going Serverless with Talend through CI/CD and Containers

Why should we care about CI/CD and Containers? Continuous integration, delivery and deployment, known as CI/CD, has become such a critical piece in every successful software project that we cannot deny the benefits it can bring to your project. At the same time, containers are everywhere right now and are very popular among developers. In […]

Talend Connect Europe 2018: Liberate your Data. Become a Data Hero

Save the date! Talend Connect will be back in London and Paris in October Talend will welcome customers, partners, and influencers to its annual company conference, Talend Connect, taking place in two cities, London and Paris, in October. A must-attend event for business decision makers, CIOs, data scientists, chief architects, and developers, Talend Connect will […]

Looking Beyond OAS 3 (Part 1)

After reviewing the history of the OAI and API specifications last year, I wanted to take a look at the future of the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) and outline my calculated, plausible evolution paths for the project moving forward. State of the OAI Over the past year, we’ve hit several milestones. We have released the OpenAPI […]