Month: July 2018

Talend & Apache Spark: Debugging & Logging

So far, our journey on using Apache Spark with Talend has been a fun and exciting one. The first three posts on my series provided an overview of how Talend works with Apache Spark, some similarities between Talend and Spark Submit, the configuration options available for Spark jobs in Talend and how to tune Spark […]

Data Preparation and Wrangling Best Practices – Part 2

This is the second part of my blog series on data preparation and data wrangling best practices. For those of you who are new to this blog, please refer to Part 1 of the same series ‘Data Preparation and Wrangling Best Practices – Part 1’ and for those who are following my blog series, a […]

[Step-by-step] Using Talend for cloud-to-cloud deployments and faster analytics in Snowflake

For the past two years, Snowflake and Talend have joined forces developing deep integration capabilities and high-performance connectors so that companies can easily move legacy on-premises data to a built-for-the-cloud data warehouse. Snowflake, which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a modern data-warehouse-as-a-service built from the ground up for the cloud, for all an […]

Talend Summer’18 Release: Under the Hood of Talend Cloud

Today on July 19, we released Talend Summer ’18, which is jam-packed with cloud features and capabilities. We know you are going to love the Talend Cloud automated integration pipelines, Okta Single Sign-On, and the enhanced data preparation and data stewardship functions…there is so much to explore! Taking DevOps to the Next Level with the […]

How to be Data-Driven when Data Economics are Broken

The day an IBM scientist invented the relational database in 1970 completely changed the nature of how we use data. For the first time, data became readily accessible to business users.  Businesses began to unlock the power of data to make decisions and increase growth. Fast-forward 48 years to 2018, and all the leading companies […]

How to containerize your Talend jobs with one click

This blog post is part of a series on serverless architecture and containers. The first post of this series discussed the impact of containers on DevOps. Talend Data Integration is an enterprise data integration platform that provides visual design while generating simple Java. This lightweight, modular design approach is a great fit for containers. In this […]

5 Hidden Gems in Talend Spring ’18 (Talend 7.0)

Talend Spring ’18 (Talend 7.0) was Talend’s biggest release yet. With improvements to Cloud, big data, governance and developer productivity, Talend Spring ’18 is everything you need to manage your company’s data lifecycle. For those that missed the live webinar, you can view it here. But as highlighted in the webinar,  I realize that everyone […]