Month: March 2018

Talend Joins the Open API Initiative to Further API Standards and Interoperability

Today, we announced our new membership in the OpenAPI Initiative, an open source collaborative governance organization led by the Linux Foundation, which focuses on standardizing how web APIs are defined and utilized to drive industry adoption, interoperability and best practices. My former company, Restlet, a cloud-based API design and testing platform for developers, acquired by […]

How GDPR Can Empower Travel, Transport and Hospitality Firms and Their Customers

This post was authored by Jean-Michel Franco, Laurent Deheuvels and Shashin Shah, Director, OnePoint Ltd. What were the two biggest recent disruptions of the travel, transport & hospitality industry? The biggest disruption in the travel industry before now? The internet. The biggest eruption in travel in the digital era? Trust, privacy, and GDPR. From apps, aggregators and […]

The ROI of Being Data-Driven

  I hope you have had a chance to read my earlier blog about the steps that an organization can take to become data-driven. The more I thought about that particular blog, the more I realized that it does make a very significant presumption: that companies should become data-driven. Which begs the question – why would a company want […]

Open Source: 20 years of Innovation and the Best is Yet to Come

In 1998, Netscape decided to release their source code in an effort to attract new users to their product and new developers who could easily integrate applications with the browser.  At the same time, there seemed to be a groundswell around a culture of open and collaborative development, with legacy software companies beginning to acknowledge […]

Salesforce Acquires Mulesoft – The War for Customer Data Rages On

It’s been fascinating to see the customer data market evolve.  Initially, Google and Facebook were leaders in using customer data to create better products and cloud services.  More recently, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have been in an all-out war to win the cloud platform market, especially through machine learning.  Most recently, we are hearing from […]

It’s Time to End Bad Data

Bad data has never been such a big deal.  Why? Well, according to IDC’s latest report, “Data Age 2025”, the projected size of the global data sphere in 2025 would be the equivalent of watching the entire Netflix catalog 489 million times (or 163 ZB of data). In a nutshell, the global data sphere is […]

How Big Data is Growing Agriculture

big data agriculture

  For this episode of Craft Beer and Data, Mark and I hung out with Eric Matelski, tap-room manager at the Epic Brewing Company, and talked about how Big Data is transforming the agricultural industry. But first, Eric told us about one of his favorite beers (lately), Falling Monk: “This is a beer we made […]

How to Migrate Your Data From On-premise to the Cloud: Amazon S3

Migrating to the cloud 2018 is the year of the cloud, and as more and more companies move to cloud technologies it is important to realize how your business can best utilize the cloud. One of the biggest issues enterprises are having today, is moving their data from their on-premise databases to their cloud data […]