Month: April 2017

Introducing Our Latest Video Series: Craft Beer & Data

  I am really excited to introduce a new series that Mark Balkenede, Director of Technical Marketing and I are putting together around craft beer and data. I often find these two intersect, especially during late nights with tight project deadlines. This series will dig into both subjects in detail, providing you the viewer with […]

A Short History of OAI and API Specifications

When developers started around 2003 to look into REST APIs as a lighter alternative to SOAP services, not only were the heavy set of specifications discarded, but the associated tooling ¬†was perceived as unnecessary. REST and pure HTTP being so much simpler and by nature very interoperable, why would you need contracts, code generators and […]

What’s new in Talend Data Preparation 2.0?

  This past January, Talend Data Preparation 2.0 officially went live! In this article, I want to highlight some of the new features we’ve packed into our latest release. In a nutshell, Talend Data Preparation 2.0  allows users to democratize the exploitation of big data by taking into account the data types specific to each client, as […]

Hand-coding SQL for Data Integration? Not Cool!

  Case study underscores the long-term advantages of open-source ETL tools. I attend a lot of conferences pertaining to data integration, so I’ve seen a certain scenario unfold several times. The keynote speaker asks the audience for a show of hands: “How many of you are using ETL tools?” A smattering of hands go up. […]

Applying Machine Learning to IoT Sensors

If you have already seen our demo on Analyzing Real-time Streaming IoT (Internet of Things) Data, you’re probably wondering how we trained our classification model to be able to predict user activity. Let’s first discuss the background of the demo, how we classify the data, and lastly choosing an appropriate model. Background The objective of […]

What sets RAML 1.0 apart from OAS 2.0?

We are happy to announce that Restlet Studio now supports RAML 1.0 export and import. Let’s take this opportunity to have a look at the differences between RAML 1.0 and its main counterpart, OAS 2.0. What is RAML 1.0? RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) is one of the most popular API definition languages along with […]

How to Simplify Your IoT Platform with Talend

internet of things (IoT)

  According to McKinsey, the total potential impact of IoT will face a tremendous increase by 2025 which stands between $3.9 trillion and $11.1 trillion per year. That is why every company should be part of this growth. The convergence of between the digital and the physical world will generate new business models, improve customer satisfaction […]