Month: March 2017

How to Achieve Business Transformation Using Talend and Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

  Transformation isn’t easy, but increasingly, enterprises are realizing that making their business more data-driven is imperative to gaining a competitive edge on the market. As in any business transformation, aligning people, processes and technology is essential to drive organizational change, but these can also be the most challenging aspects to modify. In order for […]

Getting to Real-Time Big Data Faster: Talend & MapR

  Talend and MapR share a common vision around enabling businesses to utilize data as a strategic asset in their armory, so they can be more agile and remain competitive in the big data era. A recent survey of CIOs found that up to 80 percent are planning to deploy at least one (if not […]

Before the Great Data Floods – Managing the Data Challenges of Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, and Cross-industrial Exchange

  The current wave of digitalization is vigorously stirring up the core dimensions of business: i.e. value propositions, peoples & skills, processes, and technologies. This is especially true for the manufacturing industry: The Industrial IoT is in the starting blocks and will go far beyond current machine-to-machine applications. The first game-changing consequence of IoT is […]

Using Machine Learning for Data Quality

  In my last blog, I highlighted some of the Data Governance challenges in Big Data and how Data Quality (DQ) is a big part of Data Governance. In this blog, I wanted to focus on how Big Data is changing the DQ methodology. Big Data has made Machine Learning (ML) mainstream and just as DQ has impacted ML, ML […]

How DevOps Can Bring Innovation to IT through Cloud Integration

  One of my favorite new TV shows is APB, a story about a billionaire tech entrepreneur who goes into one of Chicago’s most crime-infested districts and changes things around. He roots out inefficient processes and legacy equipment by bringing in state-of-the-art technology such as drones, enhanced body armor, supercharged police cars, and the ability […]

Data Matching 101: What Tools Does Talend Have?

This blog is the second part of a three-part series looking at Data Matching. In the first part, we looked at the theory behind data matching. In this second part, we will look at the tools Talend provides in its suite to enable you to do Data Matching, and how the theory is put into […]

Unlocking Data Preparation for Business Intelligence (BI)

  We live in a world surrounded by data. From our daily grocery shopping, to our mobile phone usage, fitness regime tracker, bank accounts, social media etc., practically everything we do is either driven by or a contributor to data volumes. In this blog I would like to reiterate the importance of data and data […]

How to Use Click Stream Analysis to Optimize your Company’s Social Outreach

  In this blog, I’ll be discussing how I expanded the recommendation demo provided in Talend’s Big Data Sandbox to influence my promotional Twitter campaign. Enterprises are now taking data-oriented approaches when defining their social strategy as they find new and interesting influencers around their business. It is critical to implement plans that utilize this […]