Month: December 2016

Top 5 Takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2016

  The AWS 2016 re:Invent cloud conference, last week in Las Vegas, was chock full of product announcements. With more than 32,000 people attending, it became one of the largest IT conferences to date. As a strategic partner, Talend went “all in” with AWS earlier this year. So, while I was attending the keynotes and sessions, I […]

Singapore Big Data Survey

  Talend ran an online survey asking consumers in Singapore a series of questions related to data usage and privacy. The results provide some good insight into how big data impacts consumers’ lives in the region as well as their sometimes conflicted views on information sharing and confidentiality. When it comes to online shopping experiences, […]

News from AWS re:Invent – How do you solve the complex data problem?

  Yesterday at Amazon re:Invent, Werner Vogels, Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer outlined a vision for a modern data architecture that spans data ingestion, lifecycle management, data governance, orchestration and job scheduling.  This vision included the announcement of Amazon Glue. Glue is really two things – a Data Catalog that provides metadata information about data stored in […]