Month: August 2016

Apache Beam in Action: Same Code, Several Execution Engines

  In my previous article, I provided a quick introduction to Apache Beam, a new distributed processing tool that’s currently being incubated at the ASF. Apache Beam provides an abstraction layer allowing developers to focus on Beam code, using the Beam programming model. Thanks to Apache Beam, an implementation is agnostic to the runtime technologies being […]

CIO: 3 Questions to Ask about your Enterprise Data Lake

  Today’s CIOs are no strangers to the concept of the Enterprise Data Lake. Often times, an enterprise data lake is viewed as a panacea for all a CIO’s data ills, including being viewed as the ‘holy grail’ for those trying to spur digital transformation. Yet many CIOs are still struggling to see the payoffs […]

What’s New in Talend Data Preparation 1.2?

  And now, ladies and gentleman (drumrolls), please welcome Talend Data Preparation 1.2 Free Desktop! In early July, we also introduced Talend Summer 16, which includes the commercial version of this 1.2 version, making it the first unified integration platform for governed, self-service data preparation.  In this blog, we will first run across the new functions […]